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Saudi Telecom–3G
Saudi Telecom–3G Offloading
A cost effective redundant solution to offload 3G traffic and improve coverage for better customer experience.

 King AbdulAziz University
King AbdulAziz University - Jeddah
The University was converted into Smart Campus by providing 6 million square meters of Data, Voice, and Location Tracking, indoor and outdoor wireless access

University Of Tabuk
University Of Tabuk – Tabuk
12 million square meters area was converted into Smart Campus by providing indoor and outdoor wireless access.

Ministry of Civil Services
Ministry of Civil Services – Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam
Provided wireless coverage for Data, Voice& Video and migrate the wired network to wireless in three branches Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam

Saudi Electricity Company
Saudi Electricity Company – Riyadh
SEC is engaged in generating and distributing electricity power supply in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Granada Towers, each tower is of 15-20 floors
King AbdulAziz University is one of the largest educational institutions in Saudi Arabia.
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King Abdulaziz University (KAU) bears the name of the founder of Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz Al-Saud. It was founded in 1967 as the first private institution in the Kingdom and later became a public university in 1971. KAU has witnessed tremendous quantitative and qualitative progress in terms of enrollment, diversity of academic programs in both social and natuaral sciences. It is recognized as a prestigious university in Saudi Arabia with unique professional disciplines and specializations. Some of these are Marine Sciences, Meteorology, Earth Sciences, Nuclear Engineering, Mining, Medical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering which distinguishes it from other universities in the Kingdom.
The strategic plan of the university states its mission "The advancement of society through pioneering research, and encouraging academic and scientific excellence". Its vision is that "KAU will be known as a beacon of knowledge, islamic values, rich university tradition, curricular comperhensiveness, professional excellence, unique specializations, ethical convictions, pioneering development, inventiveness, scientific diversity, applied research and collaborations for the advancement of society".
King AbdulAziz University is one of the largest educational institutions in Saudi Arabia. The goal of the IT Dean was to convert the university into Smart Campus by providing 6 million square meters of Data, Voice, and Locaion Tracking, indoor and outdoor wireless access for its faculty, students, contractors, and guests through laptops, smart phones, and voice over wireless services.
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  • Complete Indoor Wireless coverage for 114 buildings, library, auditoriums, medical colleges, and residential areas using 7000 Cisco Wireless 1142 and 1260 Series Access Points
  • Complete Outdoor Wireless Coverage for stadiums, parking lots, roads and walkways across the twelve square km campus using Cisco 1522 Wireless Access Points
  • Data, Voice and RFID Wireless Services
  • Successful, seamless indoor & outdoor wireless coverage across the entire campus
  • Wireless LAN Services to fifteen thousand employees and forty thousand students.
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